Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I really don't know

if I can make it through this week, this term, this year, this career.

So many cracks, all getting deeper and deeper. People who say 'oh look there's a crack PROBLEM SOLVED". People who tell me stuff is broken yet complain when things don't work in their favor. People who don't do their jobs. People who make a ton more money than me and don't do their jobs. Admins who ignore you, turn your thoughts into their own agendas, won't make decisions, or make decisions and then realize they were really really bad decisions.

The academy is turning into a 'y'all come' circus, particularly my particular part of my particular academy.

Students who have no commitment to a their own LEARNING....who challenge the way I teach (not what I'm saying..well yes, they don't like what I'm saying but they have nothing to add, mostly because what I'm saying does not fit their neat and tidy worldview).

I worry for the future. The future of professional communication. My future.

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